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Introducing sSs BBQ Barns Steakhouse

Visitors to the sSs BBQ Barns Steakhouse expect to get a little country magic. It's a phenomenon that has captured the hearts of city and country folk alike.

There's no single element that sets the sSs apart. It's a combination of country smiles and country hospitality. It is unique, popular and it is "quintessential" country.

sSs BBQ Barn … not just a steakhouse.
It's a welcoming
It's an atmosphere
It's country right down to its cowboy boots!

Brighter than the flashy neon sign out the front, the sSs credo clearly shines through to create the experience. There is almost a mid-west feel about the place. It's the swinging doors, it's the neon beer signs, it's the timber floors and it's the music. The décor is typically country. The mood is typically country.

This country is blessed with the best meat and produce there is. Our choice steaks come from prime stock - many specifications are met including ageing, young premium quality and grading. This, and the sSs cooking process ensures tenderness on the plate. There is more to the sSs menu than thick, tender steaks. The variety comes from the entrees - many spicy if you dare - the main meal alternatives (and they're many) and the desserts that are so good they're almost criminal. All this served with hearty taste and size you soon come to recognise as the sSs trademark.

sSs also boasts two farms in the beautiful Dungowan Valley NSW, featuring free range, pasture fed, Water Buffalo, Dexter Beef, Demara Lamb, French Maran Chickens, and New England Pork. We also have a vast variety of fruit and nut trees, and grow our herbs all exclusively for our Restaurant. We are the original Paddock to Plate,you can check us out on Lifestyle Channel Matt Morans Paddock to Plate Series one episode 7.

sSs farming operations also include our  Vineyards, growing a variety of hand picked, hand tendered grapes on terroir fertile soils with red clay underlay, for our Lazy Poet, Ironbark Creek, and Kitty Crawford Estate wine labels, our varieties that have not yet sold out include  Verdelho, Semillon, and Foxy Red Shiraz Granache.

Try it … experience it … you'll keep coming back.

Our Mission Statement

Commitment to Quality


Our mission is to provide our customers with quality food, drink and service, and above all friendliness and country hospitality.

Our Commitment to Improvement and Development

Small improvements in product and service development are the life-blood of our business. We will always look for small ways to improve our business practises, our food and our customer service. It is only by making many small improvements that at year end we can create a big improvement in our business over time.

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